Thanks for your interest in writing for Out Impact, Inc.!

Please email editor@outimpact.com to find out what we’re working on or to submit a topic for future consideration. All new writers will be asked to submit a writing sample. Never been published? No worries, we all have to start somewhere! Show us your background in writing and we can work together. Out Impact, Inc. requires well-researched, focused, well-written news and feature stories that represent and appeal to our diverse audiences.


We’ll get this out of the way up front: At this time we are not offering any monetary compensation for articles. So no, you won’t make big bucks writing for Out Impact, Inc. right now as we grow as a national non-profit organization, but contributing writers will benefit from either building their portfolio or generating PR for their business/cause. Who knows where the opportunity may lead with us as we grow, and in the world!

What we publish:

We try to include a variety of topics and article lengths in each issue. We are a lifestyle magazine catering to gay men and women, as well as appealing to our allies. We strive to provide content that reflects “real” life – we strive to be the gay man and woman’s daily online magazine. Out Impact is hip, contemporary, relevant and fun and our editorial content reflects that. The writing style should be conversational and not too technical.

Columns and Departments: Columns and Departments are usually covered by regular contributors on specialty subjects, but we do accept submissions and are open to suggestions on new columns. 500-800 words in most-cases. Shorter pieces like reviews will be accepted from 250-500 words.

  • Activism (Gay Rights, Non-Profit, Causes)
  • Dining (Drinks, Food, Restaurant Reviews)
  • Eco-Friendly Profiles
  • Entertainment (Books News, Author Interviews & Reviews,;Celebrity Interviews; Comedy Interviews & Reviews; Comics; Movies News & Reviews, Film Festivals; Music News, Album Reviews, Concert Reviews, Interviews, TV News
  • The Arts (Interviews With Artists)
  • Theatre (Drag Entertainment, Off-Broadway, Theatre News, Interviews & Reviews)
  • Web (Video Spotlight, Webisodes)
  • Health, Spirituality, Wellness
  • News (Commentary, Midwest, Northeast, OpEds, Remembrance, Southeast, Southwest, West)
  • Politics
  • Style*  Fashion
  • Home
  • Pets and Animal Advocacy
  • Professional life/Business
  • Transgender Issues
  • Travel

For Featured Interviews in any of these topics, we take at-max: 3,500 to 4,500 words.

Submission Format:

First and foremost, take a look at our Style Guide! Articles should be submitted as Microsoft Word Documents (not .docx) using 10pt Arial font. We’re fans of OpenOffice. The author’s name, address and phone number should appear at the top of the document. Word count should also be included at the top. Please include a brief bio (3-5 sentences) that we can run with your article. Once you are accepted for publication, we will be in contact with you further.

Here are a few more tips:

• Read our articles/columns to get our flow.

• Use short paragraphs.

• Include any resources/further info that may be helpful to someone reading your article (esp. Twitter/Facebook).

  • If you’ve been published professionally, please tell us where. If you’re submitting an article that has been published elsewhere, we need to know that too. We prefer original content.

We may edit your article to fit our style and of course to correct any grammar mistakes and we reserve the right to publish our edited version without prior approval from the author.


Writers are welcome to submit photographs with their articles provided that they are high resolution (300dpi at full size). If you don’t know what 300dpi is, please ask. Photos may be edited at the discretion of Out Impact‘s discretion and please note that submission of a photo with a story does not guarantee the photo will be used.

Please include photo captions for any photos submitted, as well as photo credits.


You have full rights to your article, however, we will insist that you do not publish, sell or distribute the original article until it has been published in Out Impact. By submitting your article, you also agree that we may archive the work online at www.outimpact.com for an indefinite period of time.

Questions? Email editor@outimpact.com and please be patient with us. We receive a lot of emails and delayed responses are realistic.