About Us:

Out Impact Mission Statement: Out Impact, Inc. is an gay omnimedia organization for both gay men and women with a strong focus on making a positive impact in the gay community. Out Impact is committed in supporting the gay, artistic and activism communities, driven to make a positive difference. Out Impact, Inc. is committed to excellence by informing and entertaining our audience while giving back and having fun!

Out Impact was launched June 2007 and is currently a gay online magazine on OutImpact.com. Out Impact produces events benefiting various non-profits all over the country. Out Impact creates comprehensive, unique media campaigns to raise awareness for various philanthropic causes while bridging the non-profit, activism, artistic and gay communities.

Out Impact is a unique brand because we give every aspect of our progressive organization a philanthropic connection, as well as marketing to both gay men and women, instead of marketing to a specific niche in the gay community. Our brand advantage is appealing to the entire gay community, raising awareness for philanthropy causes as well as providing quality content that is easily accessible to everyone on entertainment, style, news in our community, and everyday life for both gay persons and their allies.

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